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Trying to find a company which supplies the bulbs of Fritillaria meleagris in the green. I've been searching online but to no avail. Remember seeing Monty Don plant these up last year on Gardeners World, so surely they're available somewhere! Thanks in advance!
Alina W

You'll find them potted up in garden centres about now if you only need a reasonably small number.


Not personally, but mine have self-seeded into another spot about 2metres away! Another suitable spot so shall leave them be! J.


Usually these are bought in Autumn as dry bulbs in the garden centre or on-line, not very expensive.  They will gently spread themselves around the garden, with a little help from mice and birds.  Have never seen them offered 'in the green' in quantity, although indeed small numbers can be bought now in flower and planted out - seems rather an expensive way to get them though from the prices I have seen around. 



Good to see you here Bookertoo.

They're often on sale in pots in weekly markets over here and I usually get some in late April and plant them out.   They will eventually self seed and spread when they feel happy but that's a bit slow for me.  I've also planted bulbs bought in autumn but they don't always come up. 

They're really easy from seed. I chucked them in a seed tray covered in vermiculite and stuck them in a sheltered spot.  Two years later I have about 100 ready to pot up. A couple of years before they will be flowering size though.

With the dry bulbs bought in autumn I soak them for an hour or so then pot up and pop in cold frame, they always seem to come up okay.  

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