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I have a Redcurrant and Blackcurrant bush that need moving as they are in too shadier spot. Is it too late to move them now? They are budding up, but no signs of leaves yet.


I'd do it now. It's when I'd move any deciduous shrub

Wouldn't waste too much time now though.   Bushes ARE budding early this year so ASAP for me allium.

The redcurrant is more straightforward .....assuming both bushes are not too old......but I would prune the blackcurrant right back to the base after moving.  Then a generous application of,fish blood and bone, more so on the blackcurrants, and a good mulch 

Hi Verdun and Nutcutlet. Thanks for the advice. They are both only a couple of years old. I will get them moved this week 

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