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Just got one of these and from what I can find online, early spring is the best time to plant them.

Would I be taking a risk planting them just now and be better off leaving it in its pot over winter?


I have Display, I bring it in the GH for the winter, then prune right down in the Spring when new shoots appear.

But can I plant it in the ground just now without much risk? It is hardy, H4 according to RHS.

I wouldn't say it's too small a plant at the minute.

At least a pot can be moved should we get a severe winter ; personally I'd wait until spring .


I don’t think that’s  Display. in fact I would say it definitely isn’t.

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Then dobbies have used two wrong labels.

Any idea what kind it would be in that case?


Not off hand, maybe a close up photo of the flower but there are so many all looking similar.


Does look like it now seeing close up. Bit small in the first picture.

So answer is...I bring mine into the GH for the winter, the leaves will probably all drop off or you can take them off, when you see it shooting out in the Spring, chop back to about two inches from soil. Keep very slightly damp, not wet though. It’s resting. 

I did think the shape looked like them, just not as bright at the minute.

The best I've got is a conservatory but this faces west and won't see any sun until later in the day, would that be an issue?



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