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Can anyone name this Fuchsia please?


Could be Mrs Popple if its hardy but there are a million fuchsias in the purple/ magenta range. I'd call it Maurice.

It's really pretty, whatever it is called.

Not Mrs Popple, colours not strong enough and flower not the right shape. However, not sure what it is. Sorry not to be much help but will think and come back if inspiration strikes! 


Could it be Kim Joiner?


Could be Border queen.sorry,don,t know how to put link in.

Cant take it back Mike bought it online,after hours of seaching think it might be Sophie louise.

I thought it might be Florence May Joiner, but it all depended on how old the flower is, and the size etc of your plant, however, I must agree with Lisa J it is a lovely specimen. 


Tom Thumb maybe?

Sorry, no not Tom Thumb, his petals not so long and pink, Tom's colouring similar to the afore mentioned Mrs Popple! Plus this one seems too big, maybe a point of reference would have been useful on the photo, a coin, or a ruler, to aid identification? 


Maria Landy?


 For ref only 'Mrs Popple'

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