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The fuchsia I have has flowered and has now produced what look like fruit. Can these be planted to grow more plants? 

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As others have said ....cuttings are best as then you will get an identical plant.

Seeds could be very variable.


All Fuchsia seed pods/ fruits are edible.


Make sure you remove them from the plant as it will stop flowering if left on.

How and when do I take a cutting ?



while I visited my in-laws two week ago I managed to pinch a Fuchsia from them how ever when I got it home I inspected it and found it had very little roots and even less fine fibrous roots as they were grown in really hard clay.

So I thought I had nothing to lose as it was free so I washed the roots and applied rooting compound of honey. Then I potted it up in common compost placed a bag after watering it well placed it in a shady part of my garden and waited. To my delight today I lifted the plastic bag of it and it's still flowering and look great 

Some time you just need to take a chance and go with your gut 




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