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Sue that's a brilliant website! If only I had Fucshias (tricky word to spell, might be wrong). Maybe I will buy one, might as well as I seem to be buying everything at the moment, what Fucshias would you recommend?

Ryan, that's a difficult one to anwser, there are so many! Have a look on the site under Fuchsia Gallery and click through the suggestions on the left hand side or under A-Z.

Here another great website:

My search through Google is leading me from one thing to another, I think I'm going nuts!

Trouble is, all the best ones with the greatest choice are in the UK, very frustrating, but at least I can get some ideas

Fuchsias are my fav plant here's another great site for them wwwlockyerfuchsias but Brumbull is great at giving what you need to know about them his posts are very interesting.


Ryan - for an upright fuchsia try Checkerboard and for a basket fuchsia try Puts Folly

Pam LLx


I love growing fuchsias to and am very happy to say my Standard I was growing last year Phylis has overwintred.

I lost my checkerboard and it was my very 1st fuchsia I had 40yrs ago when I 1st got interested.


I have had many and lost many and got more .

And another favourite Heidi Ann.

I need to buy more this year as lost a lot with this cold spell.

Brumbull here is a young plant i grew from a plug.

Bought 6 for £2 from Morrisons to grow on, all looking good.


Here's another couple of them thinking of making a standard from a couple of them.


Fuchsia voodoo is nice. flowers around 5 cm across in stunning purple and pink. was lovely in the baskets last year but didnt make it though the winter (i should have potted them up to overwinter earlier i guess. still new to gardening but learning)

have some climbing fuchsias ordered this year also. cant wait to get them.

This is my basket tree with 4 baskets of Puts Folly

 My Checkerboard standard fuchsia - by the front door

 Pam LL x


Your plants look really good Andy

Pam LL x

I will 2nd that LL your garden is stunning.

Thanks everyone what a wonderful colourful garden LL hope when i get mine finished it's as colourful as that and i will be trying hard may i say.

The potty gardener

LL I am very jealous your garden looks wonderful.

Andy I bought the same fuchsia from Morrisons to grow a standard.

Brum you say about using a straight stake- but what should I do whilst they are so small in 3 inch pots please?

As they say BPK great minds think alike thats what i bought them for also.


Brumbull where do you get the metstake from never seen any about.

Hiya Brumbull
My fuschia snowcap would be standard is now 6" high, roots emerging and looking vigorous. It's in 9cm pot.
Pot on now into size bigger? Only side shots removed but basal cluster of shoots and leaves remain. Would you remove all this basal cluster now to about 1"?
And tie in stem yet?

Thanks very much Brumbull.

Thanks Brumbull. Understand that. Pot on later

Good luck with that Brumbull if anyone can do it your the man i think with the experience thanks for the post for metstake's.