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Hello folks

Anyone heard of the bush fuschia "Delta's Sarah"?  My question is:- Is it a hardy type of fuschia?  It has purple & white flowers.  I've just bought one and have taken some cuttings from it, hoping to make it a permanent feature around the garden.  All answers much appreciated.   Thanks.


Hi nikki, I bought a set of 3 'hardy' fuchsias a few years ago, one of which was Delta's sarah.  In my garden (e.mids), they all die down completely over winter but sprout new shoots from about where the main stem and soil meet and need all of the previous year's (dead and brittle) growth cutting off when these shoots appear.  I don't honestly think they can be described as hardy in my location, but they may do better in pots if overwintered in a greenhouse.


I bought Delta Sarah last year. I think it is lovely and yes it is coming again. Live in Worcs.

I am going to try cuttings this year. 

i have delta sarah its a very nice plant and i live in maidstone so its pretty hardy here have some lovely cuttings from last year doing really well and super easy 

Many thanks to you all for the replies.  Pleased to hear that it is a hardy variety.  I think the thing to do is to put some plants from the cuttings in the ground and  overwinter others in the greenhouse - just to be on the safe side!!  Thanks again

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