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I have two of these fuschias growing in pots and they have made a wonderful show - I need to move them into the ground to use the pots for autumn planting.  They are still flowering well; should I wait until the flowers have finished before moving them or can I do it now?


I would say its ok to do it now,it will give it a chance to bed in before the cold weather arrives.No different than buying a plant from the garden centre and planting it now.

Make sure it is hardy.


Nodlisab - thank you.   Fuchsias now moved to new site in the garden.


It may be hardy but unless it gets its roots into the soil it may not come through the winter-you would have been better of leaving it till the spring then it has the whole summer to settle in before the bad weather arrives

It now has 2 chances-I would be inclined to take cuttings now as insurance


Oh dear - just have to hope for the best.   Thank you both for your replies.





Lots of cuttings 

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