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Hello hope someone can offer a bit of advice. I planted these last year. Very chuffed as they have multiplied However as you can see the ones on the right have some kind of fuzz on the buds. They had it last year and flowered ok. I am wondering though if this is something harmful. It hasn't affected the others.

Would love a bit of advice, don't want to leave them there and its something bad and affects the others

Thanks in advance!  

Could be Mealy bugs, look under the white fuzz, they're small, but if they are there a systemic insecticide or ladybird larvea for natural control. Strange to see them outside as they are usually in greenhouses or on houseplants.

RHS link

Thanks for link, very informative!  You think that I could put a cloche over it and release some ladybirds?


Before I enlarged photo I expected to see "cuckoo spit"  can't remember correct name. Can't disagree with Dave as I don't know, but I'd wash off with weak washing up liquid and see what happens.

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