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Unfortunately I seem to live over the road from Steptoe who loves collecting stuff to try and fix and sell then burns what he cant!

To my amusement the Fire Brigade turned up to put it out today ~

Just thought I would share this amusement!


hollie hock

I can only imagine what he has over there Hope it didn't stink too much!


Its the 3rd time he has had a large fire. First time they came to put it out though.

The wind was blowing in the other direction luckily for me, my garden stank of smoke last time


Oh dear, I hope no one has hurt ( including any wildlife snuggled away ).

hollie hock

It looks like it's all out of control over there,not good for anyone. Is there a way that you can let his landlord know (if they don't already)?



Its council owned so not really much to be done. 5 Children live there too. Cant be a very good upbringing.

star gaze lily

Oh dear Matt, must be horrible for you and your neighbours. Surely yhe council can make him get rid of all that stuff now 


lets hope so


I would be concerned about the pollution level in an uncontrolled burn like that. Put as much pressure on the Council as you can.


I would imagine that he's contravening his tenancy agreement. 

I would also assume that the Fire Service are going to be notifying either the council or the police or both - all sorts of rules and regs are presumably being conravened.

If I were you I would also make a formal written complaint to the council re noxious and possibly hazardous fumes.

They can issue him with an order to make him clear up his property - and if he's physically/mentally not able to do that they can arrange for it to be done.


My problem with my next door neighbour was looked into by the health section of the council and was more to do with dog mess.

They were visited and then they threatened me so I called the neighbourhood copper and asked her to "show the uniform" which she did.

I tell you this because the fire brigade may not have time to do anything so you are best off to report to the council and let them take steps for your health and safety and also for the safety of the children so report to social services as well.

You can bet these people will not want to be bothered by council officials calling on them and you may save a child's life.

Good luck

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