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I'm planning on going to this year's Gardeners World Live at the NEC in June and was wondering what day would be best to go to get some bargains on plants? I've been told that the Sunday is the best, as this is when all the remaining plants are sold off at a reduced rate so that they can get rid of them. Can anyone confirm that this is the case please?

Thank you in advance

Daniel Haynes

Hello Kellymc1983. You can snap up plant bargains on any day of the show! Although some sellers may will offer 'last day' discounts, there is plenty to choice from Wednesday right through to Sunday. You can view a list of the growers who will be exhibiting at the show here:

RHS Plant Avenue

RHS Floral Marquee Exhibitors

I hope this helps.


I have been before to the show on a Saturday and snapped up some bargains, but just wondered if the Sunday was a better day for even more bargains.

Thanks for your help Daniel.

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