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what do u do about free gardener's world offers that die? do u go back and ask for replacement or just take it in your stride? i took the 4 free poppies offer, but they were old stock and only two has produced leaves, the other two have rotted and have been disposed off. any advice?


Contact T&M or supplier. See what they say


They are not really free -it is an inducement to make you buy the offer-depends how important it is to you-but I too would contact supplier

Look at at another way-if you bought a buy one get one free offer from a supermarket and one of the items was off -you would take it back-or your would feel cheated


thanks for yr suggestions. will get on to supplier and hope i get something back.

I am trying to order an offer advertised in the August edition of GW but am unable to do this although they give you www address


I didn't think the August edition was out yet?

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