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Today i recieved my plug plants from suttons the offer which was in gardeners world and would just like to tell everyone how impressed i am with them and would recommed them first time i've used them but will defo be going back, all potted on and snug in the greenhouse 


Hi Rick - which offer was it (ie which plants?) - I can't remember which company mine came from but am growing on nepeta, foxgloves, coreopsis and .... something else which escapes me at the moment (too dark and wet to go out to the greenhouse to check).  They were teeny plugs but are growing on really well.

hey chicky its page 83 i bought rudbeckia verbena and yeah they are small but very healthy should be bigger enough to put out at end of may.


Love rudbeckias - good luck with them all!


My last ones are Mrs Bradshaw Geums - knew it would come to me in the end!


Thanks chicky hope i have better look tried two packets of rudbeckia from seed this year with no luck dont think the seeds have had a cold period for them to germinate but every dark cloud has its silver lining good luck with yours should look brill in summer with that collection.

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