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The potty gardener

I really enjoyed coverage of Chelsea last week but have just watched Beechgrove from Gardening Scotland. It just concentrated on the plants. Wonderful- the only shame is we don't get a few shows from the event.

John mcleod

I was at gardening scotland today and it was brilliant. It was not as nearly busy as last year which was a shame. 

I enjoyed the coverage from Beechgrove too, shame the programme was'nt longer.


John I don't like crowds which is the main reason I don't go. I'd have thought the good weather would have put  the numbers up. Shame.

Bev- it's the old story- when you're north of the Watford gap!!! Perhaps the powers that be might take notice if people complain- I wasn't enamoured with the Chelsea coverage and I got the impression many others felt the same. Too much of the same thing over and over again. Beechgrove has had a lot of praise on here now it's national.


i also enjoyed the coverage of garden scotland.. i found it more down to earth and the presenters are much more fun.. it is less formal and more people friendly.

i understand the visitors can actually walk  round the gardens... whcih you cant at chelsea which is a shame as you dont really get to see them at all.

chelsea coverage for me the last few years has got rather poor.. they seem only to talk about and show a few of the gardens and stands.. and gets a bit repetitive.. so onyl watched a dew of them this year.

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