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Ok so this might be a simple question with the answer wait and see (which is what i'll probably do anyway).

Basically i got a packet of purple geranium seeds from T&M, as i thought i'd have a go, being a fan of hardy geraniums. 

You only get 5 seeds per packet so i sowed them all. First one germinated quite quickly so i pricked it out and left the others too their business.

Now the first geranium is a reasonable size now in a 9cm pot, it's put on alot of growth and has about a dozen decent sized leaves. But you guessed it, their not purple, not even a hint of purple, they look like most other hardy geraniun leaves. Is this normal? Do they often develop the colour as they mature, not sure why but i thought they would be like purple lettuce which pretty much are purple from day 1. 

A second has germinated now, but is only at the cotyledon stage so can't tell if it looks the same yet.. we shall see.

Even if the plant isn't purple i'll grow it on and see what it's like as it'll most likely be nice, even green and i've plenty of space in the garden for more geraniums. You never know maybe it'll turn purple


Ooooh I'm not sure. Personally I haven't grown Geranium from seed but we have about 6 different varities. I love it too  !!

Hopefully someone with some knowledge can help. I\m useless lol ! 

I grow Geraniums from seed as I collect them, sorry to say mine have always been the colour stated.  I have never seen one be one colour then change later on.  Perhaps the seeds were put in the wrong packet.  Perhaps you have grown a new variety!!!! You never know.


Seed raised plants from cultivars are always going to be hit and miss. Always have a tendency to seed back to the basic species



Well so far looks like 2 miss out of 5

At least i've got another packet due to a much up with royal mail where they sent out a new packet, then the original packet actually turned up 6 weeks later..



I grew the same one from T&M a few years ago Andy, but can't remember what it looked like when very young.  The leaves do turn darker as the season progresses though - mine is looking dark green with a hint of dark purple at the moment and has just started flowering.  When self-seeded babies appear, only a few over the years have had purple leaves.  I think only one germinated from the original packet, so at least you are doing better than me on that score.


I'm growing purple haze this year from t&m. the leaves start off purple then go green. I've had 3 out of five germanate so far.  They are growing well will post pictures tomorrow when it's light! 

Here are two of my purple haze......they seem to start off purple then change as



they grow 

Just tilt your head.....whoops! !

Here are two of my purple haze......they seem to start off purple then change as



they grow 


Hi Andy - not grown geraniums from seed but I was interested in your comment re the red lettuce - mine always seem to start green and then turn red/purple. I often think I've only got green in the mix and feel annoyed, and then they start to turn.  Perhaps the plants  will darken as they mature - like so many plants/flowers do - and you'll need to wait and see before you complain!


I don't feel so bad now.. mine looks the same


Hi Andy,

I have ended up with four plants from my 5 T&M seeds.  I had one seed that also germinated much earlier than the rest.  

Two of the plants look the same with leaves of a darker green colour with a purple edge, one has lighter green leaves with no purple edge, and the fourth has dark leaves but has not put on much growth.  

 Will be interesting to see how they develop.

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