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I have bought 6 of these plants and looking at some pictures on line they have a nice spread.  Thing is, will it grow to its full size this season, or should i put maybe 3 of them in a 14" basket ?


What size are the plants at the moment?

Scott Edwards

I have a few of these in the garden. In my experience they grow well and flower their socks off.


I find they grow quite large, even in their first year - I would think that one plant would fill a 14" basket. 


How big are they? Did you buy plug plants or fully grown plants? When I bought 6 plug plants they weren't that big until the second year. I also bought one in a pot from the GC and it was quite big in it's first year.



...I've got one in a large container and one in the ground.... I too have found they grow rather large from their 2nd year.... and I mean big.!....thuggish I do not plant anything within 3 foot of it...

Depends if they are small bare root plants.  Often these take most of the summer to do anything.  Always best bought as potted plants in my opinion.

However,,if I divide my own plants they grow fast and flower well ....then they are vigorous.  


Im looking forward to getting some of these plants, just waiting for the our local garden centre

Scott Edwards

Whilst I have several G. Rozanne's and they flower their socks off, I personally prefer Geraniums that don't grow so tall. There are several that look really delicate. 

Scott Edwards

40 - 60cm so they are not as tall as some but I like the tiny ones.

Scott, check out Elke.  Little bit different. 

Scott Edwards

Oh, I like the way G. Elke fades to almost white at the edge of the petals. Now where can I squeeze that in!

Hiya Scott.  Not as vigorous as some geraniums and "flatter".  Flowers for ages too.  I wouldn't "squeeze" it in though...give it at least 50 cm.  linum perenne goes well with it I think or tulbaghia.  

Woodgreen wonderboy

Some important gardener, can't remember who, once said Rozanne was "boring" since it flowered on and on and on etc. I love it, but it does need a goodly space. I also have to support mine since they can flop over others, or the lawn edge.

The reason this particular Gerannium has such a long flowering season, so I was once told, is because a grower managed to cross an early flowerer with a later flowerer and it has kept both characteristics.

Anyway I wouldn't be without it. Haven't tried it in a basket but might be good as it would probably trail over the edges whilst keeping some bulk above it.



...I don't think that's quite correct....Rozanne Waterer found it growing in her garden...the reason for the long flowering season is that it's a sterile hybrid...doesn't set seed.... that's what I've read... I think it's a bit overrated, personally...

Mmmm, never thought of a geranium Rozanne in a basket. It could be a good idea and I suspect it will flop over the sides so would look good. Since the root ball will be central (assuming you are going for just one in a basket), you would be able to plant up some trailers around the edges - maybe some blue lobelia, or something contrasting like a pink Diascia or yellow Bidens?

Hi,I agree with Lancashire Lass comment,I have never thought of Rozanne as a Basket plant however it's probably a good idea to try.I too would plant some trailing plants with it,white Bacopa  would look terrific with Rozanne,nice contrast,or even the blue Bacopa would look lovely....umm,I will try this myself for next summer's basket display,I love hanging baskets,have loads planted up,sure Rozanne in a basket would probably look terrific.

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