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can someone tell me how to keep geraniums over over 60yrs & yet to manage it.. thus buying new ones every when to take cuttings or is it nessessary...when to protect or water in winter & then bring to life for summer..

mine either conk off or rot.. have unheated green house...same with fushias...

you` d think I`d know how by now..


I assume you mean pelargoniums (bedding geraniums) they are tender and will not survive a frost.  You either keep them in a heated area or buy new each year

Gardening Grandma

I stick them in the greenhouse (or did, before OH sold it!) and forget them til spring. They survive, I have found. Another method is to keep them growing them all winter in the house and use them to take cuttings ready for next year. I think this gives better results, because they do not get woody as second-year geraniums do. Cuttings will grow any old time, I have found.


Hi Jean, I just leave mine in an unheated greenhouse all winter and tidy them up and give them some water very occasionally.  I'm a huge fuchsia fan and mine just die off over winter in the greenhouse, I leave the twigs on till spring when they all get a tidy up.  They are watered sparingly over the winter and I pick up all the dead leaves etc.


Mine didn't survive the unheated greenhouse. I bring them indoors and take cuttings from the new spring growth.

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