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Last year I bought 3  small geraniums and put them on my south facing window seat where they put on tremendous growth but never flowered.  I hard pruned them back in march this year as they were getting leggy.  The question is, how can I promote and encourage them to flower? They have also been potted on and have already put on lots of leaf growth,


I have some geraniums that I grow for their scented leaves and they have miniscule flowers. 

What did you feed them with? I use a tomato feed which mine seem to like.


Do not over water for one thing or over feed-neglect them to a certain extent-they will flower in time-it is a waiting game.

I shall be very surprised if you don't get flowers this year-all plants want to flower to set seed-that is what they are in it for.


As kate1123 says, use tomato fertilizer which is rich in potassium which encourages flowers and not leaf growth. 

well I have recently neglected them and let them dry out nicely and will start with tomato feed next month when it warms up.  thankyou.


Alina W

Don't go mad on the tomato food, either - over-feeding with anything will promote lush growth at the expense of flowers. You should have had flowers last year - I'd suggest that you don't feed before you have some flowers.

Ok. Thankyou for your help.

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