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I'm just in the process of taking apart my hanging baskets. I think I can salvage the trailing ivy, but what about the geraniums? Is it worh potting them up and keeping them over the winter? Will they bloom again next year?

Where to keep, inside or an unheated greenhouse?

Thanks in advance, Tina


Yes they will providing they are kept dry and cool-not cold and damp-greenhouse may not be the best place- also try taking some cuttings now


Why not pot them up and keep them indoors on sunny windowsills - they'll continue to flower through the winter if you use reasonable compost and give them an occasional feed with Baby Bio or similar.  Then you can plant them out again in the spring.  And as Geoff says, take some cuttings now too 

I've kept several hanging baskets with  Fushias and Pelegoniums for several years in my greenhouse over winter. This year the the flowers produced was the best ever. The Pelegoniums continue to flower all winter but with smaller flower heads. My favorite basket is now over 5 years old and still going strong.

Near Penzance I saw a couple of pelargoniums covering a cottage wall.  Looked wonderful.   Trained on wires at least 10' high and 20' across.  Gone now but must have been a few years old.  I did that for couple of years myself, inspired by that....prob reached 4' or so, maybe more rambling up amd over outside.  


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