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How do i pinch out geraniums to encourage bushy growth and more flowers.




You probably find you dont need to-they do it naturally-and you will delay flowering-let them do their own thing

hi jazz, I love geraniums but have never thought of pinching out their tips......mmmm....will give it a try........usually with pinching out I think it is the top shoots but not sure with geraniums, will give it a harm in trying...


Probably best to take LG's advice......


Do you mean pelargoniums....the indoor or bedding "geraniums".....or the hardy,outdoor ones?


Hi every body,

thanks for the replys,I have a lot of  fuchsias which when pinched out produce twice as Many flowers,was trying to do the same with geraniums but unsure exactly which bit to pinch (don't want to ruin the plants).

any advice would be appreciated. 




They are not fuchsias though-they do not need pinching out-different plant- grows differently.

I like that funny face LG. made me laugh.


I need some advice.  I potted up some healthy plugs I received from in the post.  I used John Innes No. 2, grit and some special geranium compound.  They are now showing signs of yellow leaves.  Wot's wrong???

If you do mean Pelargoniums, you can pinch out tips in the same way as fuchsias and other plants, which will make them bushier. The more branches they have, the more flowers. In fact, if they've got tall and leggy over winter, you can cut them back quite hard to get lots of new growth, which produces more flowers than old growth. You can also use the bits you cut off as cuttings. Let the cut gry for a day or so then pot into gritty compost, keep warm and slightly shaded, and don't cover with plastic bags because that will make them rot. Even more flowers!

On the other hand, if you mean hardy geraniums. they do all the work for you. Just sit back and admire them.

apeers, I think you may have overfed. Try removing as much compost as possible without damaging the roots, then potting them in JI1 + grit, or even JI seed compost + grit. You can feed more once they're larger. While you're there, check the roots are still good. If not, contact the seller - they may have been damaged before they got to you. Did they come in those horrible net pots, or those pots that looks rather like fleece? I find plants grow much better if I remove them, even if you lose some root with them.

Agree with greenjude, those net pots are awful.  I think they strangle the roots  and restrict growth.  Best carefully removed.

I even agree that the pelargoniums may be over fed.  Plugs are too small for rich feeding.  Apeerslockett, did  you pot plugs into small pots or into big ones?  they need to be in small 9 cm


Could it be overwatering too? I'm not terribly keen on pelargoniums but even my Mum couldn't kill them because they seemed to thrive on neglect and not getting watered!

Interesting what you both say about these net plug pots-I'll certainly remove them in future if I get anything in them. 

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