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Has anyone had any success in growing Gerbera from saved seeds ? If so any special tips?


Never had any success growing Gerbera full stop KEF   Doesn't seem to like my garden at all....


Hi MsB, I bought 5 plants this year and I'm really taken with them, have saved some seeds and  wondered if it's worth having a go or not. I've more paper bags / envelopes with stuff in and do wonder if I'll actually do anything with them.

I've not offered anything on seed swap in case I've not saved / stored correctly..if I have some success I'll participate next year.


You may as well try as you have the seed there. Be interesting to see if they grow.


This is something I'd like to try in the Spring, If I remember I'll let you know how I get on




I'll have a go Mattbeer, will also report back.

otnorot but just call me Bill

I have tried and tried without success,I understand the seeds must be planted as soon as gathered.What I do is pot up and carry over my Gerberas.Two of my favorites.


Otnorot, they are lovely, love the first the most.

Mine are in pots and I've just put them in the GH, not too cold, but getting sodden. I might sew the seeds I've saved ASAP, but they have been inside drying a while, along with many others "cluttering all available surfaces." ( or so I'm told)

Thanks for reply & photos.





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