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Bought some Gerbera plants (reduced) from GC today when there looking for other plants (which I didn't find).

No idea where to plant and GW plant section says they do not exist.

Should I treat them as houseplants or are they able to go into the garden to be lifted and brought in for winter?

Any suggestions please

Nice sunny position.  

I have them outside all year...west Cornwall.....and they flower in the winter when it's mild.  

However where you are, Just as you say Victoriajane, put them outside in pots or in the garden and bring them in for the winter.  Although its warmer now it's prob better to leave them outside during the day and bring them in overnight just for a few days.  If you decide to keep them in pots put them into larger ones.  Don't over water either

Thanks Verdun - didn't find the heliotrope or pineapple sage you recommended but got the Gerbera instead. 

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