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flowering rose

I have just done what Monty told me to do,plant those wall flowers by the end of October.Just did it in time before the storm started.Hopefully I will have a carpet of wallflowers in Spring.I grew these from seed ,the packet cost 10 pence,in fact I bought a dozen of these selling off seeds dated 2 years out of date.I only planted 1 pkt and had so many seedlings come up well over 50 plants and still have some to plant out although its possibly to late.The best buy yet and when you think you can pay £1-50 for a dozen.I would thou like to plant a different variety too,as there is so many to choose from .So storm just starting ,shut the greenhouse batten down the hatches,bet the fences go first.


Good luck flowering rose. I hope we're all intact in the morning

all's quiet at the moment

It certainly isn't now!  It's really getting going.


flowering rose

pouring now ,water flowing like a river down the road,might need to get the boat out!


flowering rose

take that back ,all hell has broke lose ,including thunder hell stones and wind.

hollie hock

I'm sure they will come through flowering rose, I love wallflowers, they are so easy to grow from seed. I think you tend to get better plants grown this way. The great thing is that you can collect seeds off them next year and grow some more for free

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