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They are beautiful, all my bulbs seem to disappear, the only successful ones are plain old daffodils.

Nice, DHR.  I planted 6 'Leslie Woodriff' tree lilies this year, and 4 have come up, but I don't expect them to flower this year, they need to make some 'timber'....we shall see.  They've been well-fed and staked and watered, so we shall see!

Hope those cubs and Fiona are all growing up and not terrorising the neighbourhood!  They were such a treat! 

Just been for a quick photo-shoot!  Not many out in flower yet, just these dark maroon orientals

...and my one lonely Martagon lily which sits inconveniently on the edge of the grass and obligingly comes up every year, and has been doing so since at least 1989!  It would be churlish to move it!

DHR, I could very easily love one of those from close-up, never mind from a distance!  Exquisite creatures.


Here are some of my lilies, they are amazing. I grow them all in pots and I do not do anything to them in the winter, they just come up again with a little bit of extra compost on them.


Some gorgeous flowers in your gardens guys, thanks for sharing :-)

Here are a couple of mine - they are in their first year of flowering, so I hope they'll come back bigger and better next year.  The pink ones give off the most intoxicating scent!


DHR.  I think we have the same yellow,tree Lillies.  5-6' tall now.  Grown in a pot.  

A few of my Lillies, a new Dahlia, and a Rose named 'Blue eyes' with a beautiful sweet perfume a bit like Dolly mixtures.   It changes colour from pink to raspberry to white. The picture doesn't do it justice at all.   

Beautiful pictures everyone.  Thanks for sharing them.   More please !!!Sorry pics are upside down. 

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Lovely to see all the different lillies. Here are a few of mine, unfortunately they are all over here.

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