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Just watching A-Z of gardening and Carol's growing Ginger from a piece of a supermarket one. Has anyone tried this? I've got a piece in the fridge and thought as the weather's looking a bit gloomy I might give it a go today


they do start shooting if you leave them around so I should think it would grow


I've got a pot of it in my greenhouse QR, have tried it once before but not managed to get anything useable from it but an unusual plant to have, will check out the link and see what I'm doing wrong.  The piece I planted was bought from Tesco and it took ages to get going.


I planted a full hand on a south-facing bay windowsill behind net curtains and it did well (reached about 4ft), but took a long time and never flowered or gave a noticeable amount of extra root.  Reading that article, it sounds like I should have used a smaller section and put it in a bigger pot.  Not sure OH would allow a bucket in the living room though!


Thanks everyone. Dove, thanks for the link, like BobtheGardener I think I've pllnted too bigg a piece. As I only did it yesterday I'll dig it out and follow Mr Flowerdew's method. 

Oakley Witch

Ive just planted one on Thursday night. Fingers are crossed 


They really need 30C+ and high humidity. You are better off buying hardier Gingers such as Hedychium Assam Orange etc.

Blairs you mean we're not going to get 30+C and high humidity this summer? Well I'm shocked!


Hee hee - I have got Ginger to sprout and root but that was soaked in water then placed in a zip bag and left on top of the hot water tank. As soon as it was taken out it stopped growing - our weather is just not right for it, even indoors. Right plant right place!

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