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Sara 4

Hi there, new to the site as of yesterday, and reasonably new to planting things too.  Is it too late to plant Gladioli?  I have some which overwintered in a pot which are about 8 inches tall now, so I don't know if new ones will stand a chance in the ground for blooming late this year.  Any help gratefully appreciated ....

Sara 4 not sure but think it would be alright to plant them more so as there 8 inches tall am just back from my local GC and they are selling of boxes of Gladioli, Dahlias and Lilies for £2 a box was tempted to buy some but being tubers and bulbs was not sure if it would be to late to plant them maybe someone else could tell us.

If the bulbs are firm they should be ok-if they are soft would not buy-remember they have been in that packaging for 6 months or therabouts now in a warm shop or warehouse

Sara 4

Thank you  - I think I'll give them a go; at least if they come up too late I'll know where they are to dig them up for overwintering - and if they  don't come up they'll  be a surprise for next year (or  not, depending if they survive!)

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