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14/06/2014 at 18:38

I have bought some seed today, it says on the packet to sow in May but we are a couple of weeks behind the UK here.  I guess the worst that will happen is that the seeds won't germinate.  

Do seeds care that much about when they are sown?  Should I just be patient and sow them a bit later?  

14/06/2014 at 18:44

Just sow them pootler. The advantage of the earlier sowing would have been larger plants by the end of the growing season but they'll be fine

14/06/2014 at 18:48

Great thank you, I have no patience but also I am tightfisted so don't want to buy more!  I bought 6 seeds for a fiver.....

14/06/2014 at 18:55

You have to get the bargains

14/06/2014 at 18:59
I usually try to go by the rule of sewing seeds at the time they would be ripening on the plant, why not do half? I cant resist a bargain either!
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