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I have been advised to begin planting up my east and south facing borders with structural plants, so I'm looking for ideas for the loveliest climbers and shrubs for the back of the borders, which are surrounded by a 6' high fence.  My colour palette is mainly white, pink and mauve.

I also need to get some structure into the middle of the borders - plants of differing shapes that would be between 3' and 4' tall.

I have some ideas of course, but with your vast experience you can help me to choose the most reliable and beautiful varieties    Fragrance is important to me too!

Thank you!





Hello happy

For structure I think of grasses, Phormiums, tall spikes, mounds and,evergreens.

For the front Heucheras. Hostas, "grasses" like carex testacea, blue fescues, carex buchannii, stipa Tennuissima, elymus magellanicus, etc.  Iris pallida Variegata with blue and cream leaves, ophiopogon nigrescens with black leaves.

Hebes with coloured evergreen foliage and Phormiums provide contrasf of shape.  Grasses like miscanthus variegatus and Gold Bar add more height and grace.

Scent provided by Daphne's. Sarcoccoca. Witch hazels, the shrubby winter,honeysuckle, and philadelphus.  skimmias have a scent too as well as berries.  Choisya is another evergreen scented shrub. 

Clematis newly moser is great on a shady or cooler wall or fence, honeysuckles provide scent and colour,pyracantha for coloured berries, spring flowers and evergreen foliage.

I think hydrangeas give wonderful unique colour and shape too


For whites, arum lilies give lush foliage structure, phloxes also have lovely scent, Hesperis too.  Acteas provide dark structured foliage with white scented flowers.

For pinks again phlox, astrantias, astIlbes, and Verbena bonariensis gives light and airy height.

Shrubs with pink, white and cream leaves like Acer flamingo and salix Nishiki give amazing eye-catching foliage colour and structure, ESP if you go for half standard salix.  

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