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Has anyone grown grafted toms,if so?

Were they purchased from a local garden centre or sent away for?

What varieties grown?

How did they compare against seed sown, both in growth and weight of crop?

Did they crop longer than seed sown plants?

And considering the extra cost, were they worth it?




I have only bought grafted aubergines and peppers. The former were definitely worth the £4.00 ish that I spent; after you have harvested 4 huge shiny aubergines, you are in profit! The peppers did not produce so well, they were in a smaller pot so perhaps that was my fault, the fruit were not large, neither was the plant compared to ones I have seen growing in South Africa.

I might try a grafted tomato in the greenhouse this year, the last 2 years have been pretty dreadful for toms. I bought both plants at a local garden centre.

Sue H
Bought 2 grafted toms from GC last year. Said were suitable for growing outside. Which I did! Also grew several other toms from seed. Grafted plants grew to be ENORMOUS. Alas. Crop from gafted and seed plants was equally dreadful !! Perhaps would be more successful in a better year.
I grew Shirley and gardeners delight on grafted plants last year. Did ok but got blight. My fault I think cos I sprayed and watered foliage. This year I know better, I think, and expect to grow them well. Getting sun gold and Shirley ths year, already ordered. Growth is more vigorous on grafted plants and should produce more fruit. But they are expensive. Worth it if I can keep them I disease free.

I once grew grafted tomatoes, but they weren't worth it, the ordinary ones caught up.There was a post about this once before, but I haven't discovered how to find it yet.


  • Yes I have grown grafted tomatoes for a few years now with outstanding success & actually ate last one after Christmas. Sold pounds for a church hall project.

As above! Try Dobies or Unwins as can vouch for them but any other supplier of grafted toms would be OK.

Well,,this is an old,thread and my opinion has changed.

Last year my tomatoes were excellent,disease free,,healthy, and plentiful.....ESP on the grafted plants.  However, I had great advice from Italophile on the forum here and, although I have been growing tomatoes for a few years, I have learned a lot this past year.  

Grafted tomatoes again for me this year......can plant them in greenhouse soil too.  

Oh, missed some of,the quesrions

I,bought online from d t brown

Shirley and Sungold.....would not bother with Sungold again though. ,too sickly sweet for my liking 

Think they were best ever

Yes, Worth the extra cost 


I think a lot depends on the weather if you grow them outside. I'm sticking to seeds. Love Sungold, have sweet tooth!

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