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Christopher Mackinnon

Hi, everyone, i have grow these grass blue fescue from seed.

 i have put 2-4 each seeds together = to make 1 new grass plant

should i of put more seeds together or will this be fine the way i done it

many thanks from chris. any help would be great



They'll be fine Christopher. You'll just need to pot them on sooner than if it was just one. I always double or triple up on grass pricking out.

Great you have grown those grass from seed they should grow nicely.

I like growing grass from seed - I do have the pony tail grass which I sow a few seeds in cell trays - they turn out fine.

hollie hock

They are looking good to me Christopher, not ever grown grasses from seed but have seen the blue type in gardens I have visited and always liked them. Were they easy to germinate?

A further question, do grasses attract pollinators or other wildlife?


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