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carolyn gray

hello can anybody tell me if you can feed ornamental grasses or is it not a good idea to. Thanks

Gary Hobson

I'm not an expert on ornamental grasses, so someone else my be able to give you a more authoritative answer.

However, I can recall seeing a Tv program where one of the country's leading grass experts was describing how he looked after his plants, and prepared them for Chelsea.

He described how, each year, he would repot his prize specimens and give them some fresh compost. So I would guess that the answer is that grasses do benefit from feeding.

The procedure this gentleman used was quite fascinating. He kept his grasses in pots. He would cut off all the top growth (a severe haircut), and remove the plant from its pot. Then cut off about an inch of the base (the root bottom), using a saw. Then replace the plant in its pot, sitting on an inch of new compost for the roots to grow into. But you don't want to go to all that trouble.


Mine get fed as part of the spring scattering of pelleted chicken manure over the borders.  No special treatment or feed.

Matt Thorne

Hi, they don't need much feeding as over feeding causes lots of lush foliage at the expense of the flowers. one application of a balanced fertilser in spring would be fine.  

carolyn gray

Thankyou for all your replies



A light feed via a thin mulch of compost in spring helps but it depends on the grass. Imperata, deschampsia, miscanthus and hakonechloa seem to benefit from thicker mulch and feed. Nothing though on stipas.

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