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Just to remind you all that a Forum member is with Christine Walkden tonight.

I agree about the 'guys' and also about 'wheelbarrows and dogs' unnecessary.


Also think you watch the GBGR and take out snippets and ideas that are relevant to your own patch of heaven, you don't have to spend £££££ doing it.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Jess, I will gladly hold your coat.........

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.... a bit like Monty's, use of the term one third leaf mould when making his own compost! ....

I don't have a problem with that - what's wrong with knowing what the ideal would be?  Even if we have to compromise, at least we then know what to be looking for when buying a potting medium.    If he told us to go out and buy commercially produced composts that would also spark criticism I'm sure. 

Do you remember when MD was at "Berryfields and he created 3 different types of compost, Berryfields no. 1, no. 2 and no.3. I do think he lives on another planet. Did he really believe that any of us could relate to this in any meaningful way. And in subsequent programmes he even kept referring to which one he advised to use for which jobs. Well,first none of us had the b***** stuff, since even if we wanted to this would take best part of a year to do. Second you can't go out and buy it from your favourite GC since he was the only person to have it. Third, he was using a shorthand which none of us understood or remembered. What we needed was practical advice including what commercially available products we should use instead , similar to his stuff. Whenever he referred to this home made compost my slippers would be thrown at the TV. Harrumph!!!


Does anyone remember Gardners World coming from Clack's Farm with Clay Jones, Geoffrey Smith and I think Stefan Buczacki?  Showing my age now!  Good honest down to earth stuff and I even persuaded my OH to have a day trip out to visit Clack's Farm which I think was somewhere in the Midlands.  

Jess is in the Garden

Before my time Forester  

Thanks Wonderboy - very chivalrous of you!

Will persist with the irritating music and presenter though, as a 1 hour-long gardening program is too good to miss!


DK remembers those days.  I didn't start watching GW till 1983 when I got my first garden.  Learned loads from GH and started reading widely too and joined the RHS which is a great source of info and inspiration.    I enjoyed AT's period on GW but found far less that was relevant when MD took over but still enjoyed it for the most part.   Loathed the TB period.  Tend to regard GW as recreational these days and don't expect to find anything to do with my garden conditions.


Woodgreen wonderboy

I was taught flowers by Percy Thrower, and vegetables by Arthur Billett. I don't think they go back before then. Gertrude Jekyll doesn't count!!

I like Christine Walkden she is so enthusiastic about gardening and a forum member great, Toby first on fruit trees  

Agree gardengirl, Christine Walkden is a very knowledgeable gardener.  She had a show on tv a few years ago.  Toby Buckland too is excellent.  

There were some good gardening progs on channel 4 or 5 couple of years back where gardens were reclaimed etc.  can't remember who the gardeners were or the title of the progs.  Can't even remember who I am or what I'm doing here...


You're not thinking of Hidden Gardens with Chris Beardshaw on BBC2 are you?  I really liked that series and would love some more and a follow up on the ones they rescued.  Flying Gardener was a very good format too.


Lilylouise wrote (see)

I am really disappointed -the episode our garden is in has been moved to January 13 th because of  programme about Nelson Mandela is now on instead.

Pam LL x



What an amazing garden you have so beautiful really like your garden so colourful and pretty


Like the idea of the small bedding display in a box, really want a bird like that but would have to be smaller that is so many plants they put into the bird


Pam, your garden is gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous 


Such a very pretty garden Pam.


Loved Pam's garden and I've seen it in real life too, but it wasn't shown quite long enough for me. I found Toby's bit on fruit growing interesting too.

I remember Clack's Farm and Percy Thrower! When I got the gardening bug, largely thanks to mother in law, when I was 21, my first husband used to call me Percy plant pot.



...I haven't watched any of this series but would just like to say that Christine Walkden was first introduced to us on Geoff Hamilton's Gardener's World, way back when... I think her topic was greenhouse gardening..I remember her appearing on what I believe was her first appearance on t.v....

...older members might recall a C4 programme..from about 1986-1992 and one which I enjoyed so very much, the like of which you don't see today,  produced by Ulster T.V. called ''How Does Your Garden Grow''..presented by Philip Wood....  obviously about Irish gardens, mostly in the north I think...


Hi, all, just discovered this prog on Iplayer and only from the cutting flowers bit. Think I've missed some good progs from whatyou are all saying, although have not read everycomment. Lilylouise, which prog is your garden on as I am watching catch up?

Here you go gardenjeannie - so many ideas garden inspiration from them all

Few you can still watch not the first few though

Lilylouise - pam's - garden was on yesterday in the last 10 mins of the bedding prog with Christine full with beautiful flowers


Thankyou for your lovely comments xxx

it would have been great if they could have filmed our garden about a month earlier when it was at its peak but it was a brilliant experience and Christine is really lovely!

Pam LL x


I really enjoyed this evenings programme, perennials with Chris Beardshaw. That's my sort of gardening, except mine doesn't turn out as good as that!