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You have a beautiful garden Pam

Woodgreen wonderboy

Village hortisoc. is going to Waterperry in June.... can't wait 


WW Waterperry is beautiful. We went in July 2010.

The long herbaceous border

 But it's not just herbaceous borders


Woodgreen wonderboy

thanks BizLiz, looks wonderful , let's hope weather is equally good.


I'd love to have an old brick wall as a backdrop


star gaze lily

So would I nut, with a wooden door leading into another part of the garden


That would be wonderful.. Totally out of place in my garden and with my house.

Just a dream

Totally inspired NOW for some action on my part.

star gaze lily

What a shame, Mike.

Yes nut, just a dream, along with my dream of inglenook fireplace and wooden beams. Need to win the lottery!!


Your garden is gorgeous, Pam. 

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