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Woodgreen wonderboy

Reserving judgement, as items on last night not appropriate or useful, for me, sorry.


OOOh LL - just have to have a party on 13th January then, with your family, and, of course, record it 

I recorded it and have just finished watching.  Loved it especially the wildflower part.  I can't wait for the next beats the football I'm usually subjected to lol

Watched the first episode last night - what a treat

Only downside was they had to resort to five minutes of "makeover" in the front garden section - that format is getting very tired.

But the other 55 minutes were a great tonic for a cold winter's evening!

I was a bit concerned about the indiscriminate distribution of little plants in pots - what's the betting only half of them survived 'cos no one watered them?

But apart from that I loved it - especially the wild flowers 



Me too.  I suspected it was case of cruelty to plants and somewhat naive of the person who came up withteh idea and stupid of Joe S to go along with it.

People who like them enough to take care of them usually already have some.  

flowering rose

It was a programme that I thought was long over due, it had points that I had thought were of concern and still do but also it was amazing what those people achieved with there front gardens an inspiration.


Loved the wild flower section, but Joe Swift just irritates me. Looking forward to next episode. Nice to have a gardening programme during winter to make you long to be out there doing stuff.


Yes, I also enjoyed the first programme but who knows when the next one will surface!!

Edited to say I have just found it on at 7.30......note to self, never rely on OH to sort out the evenings viewing


OMG, just watched episode 2. So inspiring!

I now NEED topiary, but left wondering what I can use which already exists in my garden -I like the idea of box in a pot, and have a holly clipped into a ball begging for something more interesting - but the programme didn't address how to work with different plant growth pattern and kept to box and yew as the only examples. Nevertheless the seed of inspiration is well and truly planted, I would personally need a follow up programme to feel confident to get started (fingers crossed).

Rooftop gardening - not relevant for me but how wonderful did they look?! If that can kick city businesses and dwellers into action it would hopefully and easily become the norm for the future. Maybe a mention of green roofs for sheds etc would have helped to tie in to idea of gardening in difficult, shallow soil conditions and thereby giving more relevance to the traditional gardeners who may move to a city in future.(sorry  a bit of waffle to try and get the point across).

Looking forward to the next episode, not that I have 'room' for any more inspiration!




I thought the roof gardens were amazing. Imagine big trees on a roof! Wouldn't have thought it possible.

We drove through the middle of Paris on the 15th August bank holiday once, Parisiens all away on holiday, so not too much traffic. We drove along the river Seine and loads of houses had roof gardens and greenery hanging down. It looked lovely.

Topiary isn't really my thing, too controlled.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Mrs.G. box balls at the foot of a silver birch( or some such tree) looks a great combo. Saw it first on a Dermid Gavin garden at Chelsea… inspired, and could satisfy your new felt want?


tree on a roof not see the second episode yet But their is a flat in London Baker street I think with a roof garden I was blown away.

if the need is strong enough people will grow plants/flowers any where did anyone see Monty's program 80 gardens I think where he was in different country's 


amazon tribe they where growing trees in there boats


I'm with you, MrsGarden.  I now have an overwhelming NEED for topiary. Weird, really, as I've never been even slightly attracted to the idea before last night.  I spent the whole drive to work this morning contemplating which garden centres I need to hit this weekend to get started whilst the urge is still fresh.


Great programme - I've been considering a bit of topiary for this garden for quite a while - and she made it look so simple!  

And isn't it great having subjects covered in some depth?   Think we need to let the BBC know how happy they're making us 


Woodgreen wonderboy

You're absolutely right that topiary can be addictive. With hedge trimmer or shears in hand there's no stopping as you starting to "See" strange shapes. And every little bit of box cut off is another potential plant and so easy to strike. In no time at all you have box edging to all your borders,punctuated by strange sculptures. There's no known cure for this, but at least it's not terminal… unless you cut through the cord of your trimmer… so take care out there! 


Ah I have it on series record but noticed Tues and Wednesday was about Nelson Mandela but thats my veiwing sorted out for this evening as only seen part one so far as was out with my daughter last night but happy to know it is waiting for me to tune into.

I am planning a drive in part of my front garden but didnt want to pave it so am going to look into those plastic things you can fill with gravel, I already have a dropped kerb and there has been a drive there in the past which someone covered in grass but I have taken all the grass away and planted lots of flowers and shrubs but need the drive as some well heeled people prefer to park outside my house and walk the 5 mins into town to save a pound on parking fees  the thing is there a lots of other places opposite to park too but they seem to prefer parking outside the bungalows meant for older people, my neighbour in her 80's sold her car as she didnt dare move it and come home to nowhere to park.

I live about an hour's drive from Levens Hall, it looks fantastic so a date will be going in my diary for Spring!


Ohhh lucky you lancashire lass, I'm green with envy!! would love to see Levens Hall. We are thoroughly enjoying this series, hubby has been scratching his head as to what we can "toporize" in the garden, bless!!

Very impressed with Joe Swift on Front Gardens. Great programme.