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I like them all so far, I have a small wire frame (a hare) in garden with box in topiary shaping getting there, would like to shape a hedge up the train station but they get it cut so the shaping would be cut off and for a roof garden - bit of health and safety there even though I can see a spot that could have more plants there were some daffs that came up this year so at some point it must of been planted 

Here is a nice topiary while on garden trip to the New Forest

Dove you should get the dove shape wire one - it would be just right for your garden it would be you


Episodes 4 & 5 continue on 6th/7th Jan 2014.

Lilylouise wrote (see)

I am really disappointed -the episode our garden is in has been moved to January 13 th because of  programme about Nelson Mandela is now on instead.

Pam LL x

Im looking forward to seeing your garden. Its a great series so far.


Totally agree - well done BBC 


Yes, a really good series although I wasn't inspired by the houseplant one as I was hoping for some new ideas.  



hi I have just been on the program website trying to find out what those panels were called that Joe Swift I think it was, used to make a drive on the lawn or a gravel drive? does anyone know what they are called? I dont want to pave or use concrete but my local council will only allow something sound as a drive and i have to send in plans to obtain planning permission, there has been a drive there in the past as when i have planted anything I have had to scrape away stones so it is mostly solid already and i think if it was scraped back and levelled then those thing put down and filled in between with gravel that would be ok. last spring I dug out all the plants and repositioned them and hope to get the drive done in the new year, thanks in advance


Moonchild - it might be enduragrid although there may be other ones too.

Stacey Docherty

Am loving this new programme.... Thanks chicky for putting me on to it lol.... Already plan to plant a wild flower bit out the front next year!!!!!!


I'm planning an area with wild hedgerow flowers - campions, native foxgloves, cow parsley, primroses, native bluebells, sorrel etc - it was something I'd thought of when we first moved here but hadn't got around to yet - this series has spurred me on 

star gaze lily

Wild flowers are a favourite of mine, think I might do something at the bottom of the garden. Have always meant to, just never got round to it. Being near woods I already get bluebells so will have a think what types I'd prefer, poppies will be one.

Moonchild2 - try for recycled plastic grids.






I'm definitely planning to try growing wildflowers at the bottom of my garden next year, including red poppies seeing as its the 100 yr anniversary of the start of WW1.


Would i be better sowing any seeds in the spring, or do they need the winter cold to make them germinate?

Even more grasses for me   Still behind watching the recordings 


Poppy seeds can be sown any time LF. They germinate any time and survive in the soil for years until conditions are right. If I wanted to be sure I's sow some now and some in spring


Thanks nutcutlet, thats good to know.


Most impressed with the cottage garden revival with Carol Klein. I need help.. at the introduction to the cottage garden Carol Klein was standing by pink cosmos and some yellow flowers. Please someone tell me what those yellow flowers are??? It is not dahlia of rubeckia. Thanks.


I think it was a helianthus lemon queen - but i have deleted it so i can't go back and check if my memory is working properly

Thanks chicky for your prompt reply. I googled the plant and it does look like the one in the show. Its so pretty and I'm paying a visit to the garden centre.


Thanks Gardengirl, I'll watch that later, maybe just the cottage garden bit.