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I would like to get the plant cestrum nocturnum from the roof top garden would like more of a fragrant plant enjoying it so far - great garden programmes, me not keen on house plants 


Is Cestrum nocturnum like C. parqui Gg? I nursed that through one mild winter but that was it.



Nice one, but I'd have to heat the GH or bring it indoors, I'm going to watch the garden programme link now


thanks Penlilli I'm not sure this is the kind of plastic i need but appreciate your response 

Forester2 I have looked on the site and saved the page to my docs to look into the product further, it does look like what i need, thank you so much for your response (y) 


Hi, Rachel feature on Topiary was fantastic and really inspired me. I have tracked down topiary frames, plants & shears at - have the largest range and offer delivery on your day of choice - neat. I bought a few xmas presents from them over the weekend.


Could this be an ad? 

I'm always suspicious when a member's first post advertises a company.


Me too - and it's a response to Rachel (de Thame?) and she's not posted on here - confusing  

Don't want to upset a new poster, but it does appear spammish


Sorry if I have offended anyone. I was just looking around to see if anyone was talking about the programme and if anyone had any suggestions where to buy topiary accessories. I tried 3 local garden centres over the weekend and scored a blank - on checking internet, there are very few places to buy - especially the frames.  I just wanted to share my research so others who are interested can save themselves a bit of time. This is the 1st time I have posted to a forum so dont know the etiquette - but I can assure you that I dont have anyting to do with toptopiary...


That's fine mgsmith - sorry if we've offended you  - it's just that recently this forum has been plagued by firms trying to find ways of advertising their wares free of charge, and they're becoming more and more inventive in finding ways of doing it - which isn't fair on the website which is funded by it's advertising revenue - and it's not fair on the who do play fair and pay for their advertising.

Welcome to the board - hopefully you can show us the progress of your projects - I'm thinking of ways of introducing a few formal shapes into this garden - Merry Christmas 

Joined this site to try and identify a plant I have, after weeks of searching, a helpful member told me the name of my plant and after reading the above I have just watched two episodes, have lots of ideas for converting an old grassed area in my garden in the spring and really liked the seed swopping idea.

I will be logging on daily now 


Hi Windsong and mg smith (sorry mg smith, it's all true wot Dove said) welcome both.

Next seed swap due as soon as anything makes some seed Windsong. I sent and received a lot of stuff this year


I'm all behind on the garden prog. Watching on iplayer and sometimes my less  than superfast rural broadband can't get up enough steam to make it play.

Stacey Docherty

Wind song I have sooooo many seeds from this years seed swap lol I know I'm not gonna get all of them planted but will try my hardest lol..... Just erected the cottage garden episode I really am enjoying it


Stacey, I will definately be interested next time the seed swop comes round, I did collect some seeds from my garden this year but will be collecting lots next year.

Secret Squirrel

Hi All, I feel I'm late to the party with this one. I have just finished watching eps 3, so now I'm totally up to date. I guess from what others are saying that we continue after Christmas?

I hope these will be released on DVD, total eye candy and lots of interesting points. Loved Montys wild meadow, James Wong roof gardens and Carol as always.

I hope to be going to Pensthorpe next year to see those meadows for myself.


Went to Pensthorpe last year Mark - well worth a visit for the meadows - and loads of birds to see too.

Woodgreen wonderboy

I have been to Pensthorpe too, on a visit to Morston Hall Hotel, which is to be recommended. We went the year after one of the "watches', not sure which one, went there. Probably good for winter visitors too. ( you and the birds )

I am recording the programmes on dvd disks each one so I can watch lots of times

Back on TV from the 6th January 7pm