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Woodgreen wonderboy

Love Rachel.     Sarah, always turn to another channel!.

Love silver birches, Plant in groups, with box balls below... inspired ( thanks to Dermid Gavin)

Gardengirl.. wrote (see)

Clarington - ponds on Thursday night it would of been tonight if the shows did not get bumped off TV a few nights - I am waiting for that one I like Charlie Dimmock and am re-doing the pond area like you

tonight rock garden and herb gardens Carol K and Toby B

Oh thank goodness you told me I'd have ended up ever so confused! (Easily done).


So what did I miss last night? Cut flowers and something. Not bothered about cut flowers  but don't want to miss anything good. I'm always a day or two behind, on the iplayer when I have a broad enough band 


Trees Nut, lots of trees - including the most wonderful national collection of birches 

Shame so many flowers are not British grown in the flower market - but shipped in from far away



Right, thanks Dove, l hope my broadband is good and broad.


I quickly noted down the recipe for flower water.

I have recently discovered the pleasure in bringing flowers from the garden inside - mainly because i have never really had that many before

I couldn't believe I was watching Toby Buckland talking about Lemon Balm whilst he was using Lemon Verbena...

I never could believe Toby Buckland.   Sloppy gardener and presenter.


I was not impressed with the way that wheelbarrow was planted up 


I noticed that too, Toby and Lemon Balm, makes you wonder. I have purple sage, in a hot summer it grows big and fast, and it's perennial, wouldn't be room for anything else unless you keep it well pruned all the time. Also I find that soft green herbs like parsley and basil need a lot more water than woody ones like sage and rosemary.


Enjoyed the tree episode, but as always it didn't really teach me anything. Its all well and good showing us beautiful trees, but I think they should have told us about the most suitable trees for small gardens and perhaps rootstock names such as M27 etc.

They showed us the couple who had kept all the trees in their garden small, which got me excited as I have half a dozen 4ft oak trees still in their pots that I planted from acorns and would like to keep small, but they failed to show us exactly how they did it!

So, a lovely programme to watch, but without the benefit of teaching me anything.


I havn't watched the herb bit yet, mainly because OH yelled "Turn him off".

There have been quite a few errors. Carol Klein said Dove cottage was in Yorkshire, when its near Ashbourne in Derbyshire. Geoff Hamilton showed Dove cottage in his cottage garden series. It's interesting to see how it has evolved.

 Jo Swift leaving stray plants on peoples doorsteps was a bit of a gimmick, I wonder how many were dead after a week.

The tree garden I thought looked more like a shrub garden. It bought to mind the old saying that in Cornwall, Trees grow like shrubs (because of the prevailing wind) and shrubs grow like trees (because of the mild climate) I assume they keep everything small by constant pruning and snipping.

I tend to prefer an effervescent blowsiness, where the plants can have their head. -Like an eruption of fireworks.When Its too big, it comes out and something else goes in the gap.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Chris Beardshaw and his Herbaceous Perennials was very good . One location was Waterperry , which quite by chance is my choice for the Hortisoc's annual garden outing. It looked stunning. When I went on my recce last year the weather was so bad I couldn't get to see the flowers.. ..real turn your brolly inside out weather. So, I am greatly relieved that we are going to such a lovely spot. Phew!!  

Second half was kitchen gardens and they went to Le Manoir, where there is a fabulous veg patch supporting Ramon Blanc... more happy memories... it's where my wife and I enjoyed our 40th. 


I would like to point a couple of things out.

I truly think this garden revival isn't about teaching you how to do this 'n' that it's all about inspiration ans getting people to think about the dying art of Gardening with little bit's of information and ideas of what you can do. 


I'm one of the people that will find a idea that I like and research it by book or internet. I'm loving this program so many places to go and visit from this program I think I will be spending most of my pocket money just in fuel this year visiting some of the places shown within this program.

I also strongly believe the program touches a bit on community spirit which is slowly vanishing most people in my street drive into the drive way get out of their car and straight in to the home and hide away from the world. Bolton part of last nights program gave me new hope however their was a big age group missing from the volunteers it just looked like grandparents and grandchildren that where working to restore there once loved park.

sorry I wrote more than I intended but rant over now 



Woodgreen wonderboy wrote (see)

Chris Beardshaw and his Herbaceous Perennials was very good .

That episode its showing until next Tuesday in my part of the world.

Woodgreen wonderboy

I agree CG.....Carol's alpine garden slot has really inspired me to get going on a new alpine venture. I have a small ( 12-15 ft diameter) roundabout outside my front door which I am going to clear, build it up say 9 inches and convert it to a rock/scree bed with alpine darlings. Also unlike many of the other slots Carol did give lots of tips and tricks. Several other slots have missed the opportunity of educating us which is a shame, particularly as each subject has half an hour , about 3 times as long as on GW.

I have rung the contractor to start discussing the structural stuff. As it will involve some heavy lifting I am happy to pay for help. I will keep you posted.

We want a photo diary too, Woody
chicky wrote (see)
We want a photo diary too, Woody
I agree woody photo's please



Don't forget to watch Monday's programme when Pam, who has posted here as LilyLouise, (her garden was open for the NGS), will be on it in the bedding plants one with Christine Walkden.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday with Chris Beardshaw and hardy perennials.