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So glad I accidently zapped to this show on the bbc!

There aren't much shows about gardening on belgian tv at the moment and I still have to wait so long untill gardeners world is back, so Im very happy I just discovered t.g.b.g.r. ! Cheers for the bbc channels!

What annoys me is why 3 of the programmes have not been shown?? They were due to air before xmas but no show?? Especially was looking forward to the Allotment episode, why do the BBC always advertise these programmes then only show half of them?? I wouldn't mind but they took tthem off for some real , REPEATED!! Drivel!

They were postponed to next week.

Brilliant pond bit really like so many plants to think about buying and going into the pond when I have got it in place for the wildlife, great to have a pond to swim in Clarington that is one for you and your big pond you got for your garden not that big for here great presenting from Charlie

Got tree stumps will have to add some nice ferns and aconites


Tonights Great Garden Revival showed a great idea for growing mushrooms on a block of wood, Chris Beardshaw definitely inspired me to get some fungi growing.  Looks so easy.

The postponements were due to Nelson Mandela dying... I hadn't realised that he had done that before!

Enjoyed it again. Connie77, they were postponed because Nelson Mandela died. I think understandable, he was a great man. The rest of the programmes are tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday.


Loved the stumpery and I have been threatening a visit to Highgrove when it's open for guided walks to the public for sometime now, so that definitely makes it a must!

I have some large log piles for wildlife but I must add some more wood and be a bit more creative I think!...



Someone decided to have a pint with his meal & loudly chatted through the entire episode!! Thank goodness for iplayer I really wanted the names of some of those plants Charlie had in her boggy area they looked beautiful.
Heather Michaels

I absolutely loved last nights section on stumperies. Sublime! I didn't realise just how beautiful "boring" plants such as ferns can be. In the right environment they are stunning. (We already have a good few at home but can't say I've warmed to them, perhaps cos they're all higgeldy piggledy and look as though someone dropped them there and couldnt be bothered to pick them up! I don't know if I'd go the whole hog with full stumperies but this persuaded me to plant more ferns, in as many varieties as I can and just sit back and watch them grow. I bought a lot of flowering plants last year as the property I live in is surrounded by trees, has tree borders and is green, green and green however I've now seen how lovely green can be so why not just go with the whole "in its own environment" thing and not worry so much with "flowering beauties".


It certainly inspired me to make a mini stumpery. 

I have a walkway that leads no where, logs that are not suitable for chopping for various reasons, and I just felt it would be great, I already have a variegated 'hedghog' Holly waiting to go somewhere which with the old oak would make a great back drop - so - in time I think I will make one.

First though new raspberry bed and clear the old pallets to make a space for it -excited


Clarington, i have the same problem, except his tipple is red wine!!!! Love the program, just dont like the time it comes on as I have to rush home from work and get dogs fed and walked by 7. Glad to see the stumperies, I had a go myself with a few gnarled pieces of wood and a few ferns in my wooded area, its very effective.

More Charlie D presenting please - ponds was great as was Stumperies. IMO.

As to presenters styles and 'enthusiasm' and heavy accentuating, I agree it lacks sincerity. BBC please note. But I do like CK & Charlie D's jollity. They do also genuienly know their stuff.

Chris B likewise. More please.


I've got an old tree which needs to be removed & I love ferns (how dare somebody say they're boring!!!!).  As our garden was stripped last year and we are starting from scratch again I feel a stumpery coming on soon


cody smith

I love this program it has gave mid lodes of info I is grate loved all of it 

cody smith

I love this it has gave me loads info totally amazing  


hello Cody i live nr Kendal as well i hope you have a lot of fun in your allotment and grow some great things


It's not fair I WANT TO DO IT ALL from water garden to wilds seed garden to growing veg and every think in between.

not fair not fair

I'm loving this program,  I bought some wild flower seeds that I'm going to sow along my grass verge in the spring also their is around about near me that is just a hedge and weeded soil (very low maintenance) that I'm sure would love some wild flowers throwing on it But I will have to wait until they weed it.


Woodgreen wonderboy

From all your positive comments, it just underlines for me the weakness of GW in it's 30miin format, covering 3 items, plus dogs, music et al. Completely dumbed down. There is plenty of room for gardening progs. with lots of pretty pictures, and experts eulogising over it all. What we need is down to earth, practical advice, with time taken to go into the details.