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Woodgreen wonderboy

From all your positive comments, it just underlines for me the weakness of GW in it's 30miin format, covering 3 items, plus dogs, music et al. Completely dumbed down. There is plenty of room for gardening progs. with lots of pretty pictures, and experts eulogising over it all. What we need is down to earth, practical advice, with time taken to go into the details.


That's it isn't it?

I see the lawn revival has prompted a new thread. It has stimulated us all and made us look at our plots - big or small - and given such ideas and some practical advice.

That in my opinion is what a garden programme should be - to educate, to stimulate, to provoke thought processes - to be about the best of gardening 

An hour of this type of programme every week would promote a nation of gardeners

3 more programmes to come - can't wait

I think you will find that there are only two programmes to go...
hollie hock

I caught a couple of these programmes and think it's brilliant that there are finally some gardening programmes on in the Winter. I really enjoyed Monty's slot about wildflowers. Will try and remember to watch on Monday as I think that's when Lily Louise (pams) garden is on


I miss Geoff Hamilton for down to earth practical advice and the things he made for people with ordinary gardens. One always gets the impression that Monty's garden is a rich person's garden and there isn't enough detail on any one subject. I think Monty came over better in this prog. that on GW, but then that is week in, week out, not a one off.



Lizzie - I couldn't agree more with your comments  I am still waiting patiently for someone to come up to Geoff Hamilton's standard too. The closest for a 'dirt under the fingernails type' is Carol Klein.


I miss GH and his down to earth style on GW too and the joy of his series shown in on Ornamental Kitchen Gardens and Paradise Gardens was just amazing.    I thought AT's How to be a Gardener series was inspirational and had something for everyone from beginners to experienced amateurs.

I still Watch GW when it's on but with Monty at the helm I find it very rarely makes me itch to get out in the garden and tackle jobs or start a new project or try a new plant.   It's all too Monty-centric and not sufficiently tailored to Mr or Mrs average gardener and especially not for complete beginners who have to contend with limited knowledge and/or limited space/time/budgets.  He just seems tohave no clue as to how most people live and garden.

I just hope someone at the Beeb will commission a decent series on how, what and when to sow, plant, harvest, maintain, design, replant, propagate, prune, compost, recycle and all the other things gardeners love to do but also have to do to make an attractive garden and keep it looking good without a bottomless purse.


Well said Obelixx 

Couldn't agree more

Woodgreen wonderboy

Are you listening Beeb? ( I very much doubt it... they never admit to being wrong)

Hello all,

Hope you don't mind: I'm a frequent reader and very occasional contributor (there's not usually much I can add to you wonderfully knowledgeable folk) but I must put in a word for the lovely Nigel on GW!  Even though I'm a very keen gardener and like the programme for the plants/advice, I find his appearances an absolute delight and I've warmed to Monty far more, after seeing how lovely they are together. 

Completely agree with all the positives about the Great British Garden Revival though, and it's been lovely to have some proper, one-hour gardening progs at last.  What a joy on a cold Winter's night.  Thank you, BBC.

Yes, I enjoy watching Nigel with Monty Don (also Carol's  Terriers when they appear with her).  The Great British Garden Revival is so watchable and I agree that if this was on each week it would get everyone motivated to get out and garden. 


Given we have just 30 minutes, time spent on Nigel and on watching Monty parade around with his wheelbarrow in fuzzy focus is time lost.  Happy to see dogs and cats and chucks in a presenter's garden but not have them feature.   We get little enough practical content as it is.


I thought I was alone in the Monty Nigel dept. I posted on this forum months ago and almost received hate mail. GW has become very formulaic and every week we see Monty push a wheelbarrow and we all know he's got a dog. We get 30 mins of gardening on Tv per week . If I want to see dogs, I'll watch Paul O'Grady. More real gardening. Can I also mention the creeping of " visit's to the gardens of celebrities" which started at the end of lasts series. If the gardens are stunning: fine, but none so far have been ( Much like the gardens visited during coverage of Chelsea ) If these gardens are good enough, have a whole programme about them, if not, let's stick to topical gardening. Please.

Smashing and interesting programmes to watch on a dark winters evening!

Me, I'm never going to plant a tropical garden, as for a rockery, stumpery or a water feature, have you seen the price of a small price of stone, £2.99 in our local garden centres, and you would get jailed if you were to take any from the sea shore!

As for a stumpery totally impractical and impossible for me, a bit like Monty's, use of the term one third leaf mould when making his own compost! 

But roll on spring, have been in the garden and allotment clearing up!



I agree with you JIMMY that water feature must of cost £450.00 with materials and mature plants But I am going to grow a mushroom log or two £12.00 for a starter kit and I have some logs around the garden

Jimmy the trick is two take bits from the program and apply them to your own garden, maybe some people will try bottle gardening that was all the rage in the 80's do you remember 





Loving the series - great to see some tv gardening in these dark winter months - well done BBC - can we have more in the same vein next winter please

Woodgreen wonderboy

Chicky, why limit it to wintertime? We deserve better all year round, that's what all the criticism (constructive) is all about. I doubt if the BBC is even aware of this thread, but if they are can they please join in?

JIMMMY wrote (see)

.... a bit like Monty's, use of the term one third leaf mould when making his own compost! ....

I don't have a problem with that - what's wrong with knowing what the ideal would be?  Even if we have to compromise, at least we then know what to be looking for when buying a potting medium.    If he told us to go out and buy commercially produced composts that would also spark criticism I'm sure. 

Jess is in the Garden

I love the fact we have an hour-long gardening program at last (GW, take note!) and can only hope that GW may follow suit.

The topics so far have been interesting too.

The only issue I have with GBGR is the bloody soundtrack playing over the presenters' voices (I don't mind some music, when it's well placed and not on constantly in the background).

Oh and James Wong referring to every plant as "these guys" or "those guys" - would have happily wrung his neck the other night!