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I've only seen the first part about wildlife gardening with Monty Don, absolutely hooked. Now need to watch part 2 Joe Swift on front gardens.

It was great I watched it all tonight, what a pretty picture all those yellow flowers together,  I am hooked too just what is needed on tv

Enjoyed the second part as well, now want to dig out all the block paving and start again, but would be hard pushed to get OH to agree...At least I can plant a tin bath of wild flowers

Your OH may well do it or remove a few, did he see the programme if so maybe inspired as well, I did like the milk truck with plants in so handy and a nice look around the GC there, me like that alleyway of plants so colourful

no Gg OH not home so didn't see prog, only a few years since paid a fortune for pving and it is so practical. I can do more with pots etc on the front to address gardening and neighbourliness but not really improving drainage issues.
Hope the non-gardeners and especially the budding / wannabe gardeners are inspired but really needs to be repeated in spring to get newbies into action I think, tricky to start gardening at this time of year for anyone but new gardeners often need fairly instant results to keep their enthusiasm going, or at least things they can do straight away - and the same for more seasoned gardeners trying new areas/ ideas, perhaps...
Looking forward to the next programmes.



No time to watch tonight, but looking forward to settling down tomorrow

Just watched it, I do feel motivated to get on with creating a wildflower area in my garden. The part about front gardens was interesting but not relevant to me as I don't live on a street. I'm missing out on the community aspect of gardening!

It was nice to watch when everything here is receding back due to the winter months approaching. Take your point MrsG about the programmes being repeated in the Spring.

My fronts gravelled because it's in total shade most of the day but thankfully no drainage problems. Will try planting some grasses in the spring to break it up a little. There are some shrubs in there at present and blue bells come back year after year but ferns may do well in shade.

Landgirl, im sure the benefits of not living on a street far outweigh those of the community aspect of gardening! Enjoy planning your new wildflower patch!

Couldn't watch tonight as I had visitors all evening, but recorded it and after all your comments I'm really looking forward to watching it tomorrow evening.

Hope we've not built it up so much for it to be a let down...

I saw on the Sky TV guide that the gardening programme won't be on a couple of days as they will be showing programmes about Nelson Mandela.


I tried to watch later on iplayer but my not very broad band couldn't cope

star gaze lily

Hi everyone, have missed this programe. What's it called and what side and time please.  

Star - it's The Great British Garden Revival on BBC 2 at 7pm last night catch it on iplayer and next one on Thursday at 7pm then Friday at 7pm on BBC 2, as they changed the times it was meant to be on every night this week such a shame it is not


star gaze lily

Many thanks will get that programed in and find it on iplayer or sky catchup. 

Thanks GG and fidget  


I thought it was Fantastic I really enjoyed the man that lived in a flat and decided to pinch the councils flower beds  OK at the time they were in disarray but in the end the council even gave him funds towards the up keep.  a true hero story


Great and the street with everyone mucking in to add colour flowers (meaning to there street) even the vandals gave up truly heart lifting.

as BT Said " it's good to talk"



dooooooooooooh forgot to record


I am really disappointed -the episode our garden is in has been moved to January 13 th because of  programme about Nelson Mandela is now on instead.

Pam LL x