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Last year was a disaster, dont know if it was the weather or that horrible Verve compost I used, but this year has been fantastic.






They are looking beautiful.  Mine have only just started flowering but the signs are good.  Could be  both weather and compost that have made the difference.

Where are you going to eat outside now

Victoria Sponge

Wow nodlisab They look amazing.

Mine aren't even budding...



Used Jacks magic from homebase, bit more expensive but really good stuff.

 Flora rosa

Wow, well what am I doing wrong ? Just a few buds on mine, must be patient I suppose..... Am in NW, where are you ?




They look wonderfully abundant nodlisab.  Fabulous. 

I bought new ones last year but have been a dead loss.  I had thought it was my compost which seemed lifeless but have come to conclusion that it was poor care of the plants before I bought them.  You know the thing, they look great when you buy them but for ever after they put on no new growth and just seem to have done themselves out.  Poor roots as well.


 Flora rosa

Now I didn't know that - thanks buddyboy. I like / prefer to water in the morning but never can get out of my snug bed early enough. Will make an effort to water fuschia before work   . Everything blooms earlier daaaawn safth than ooop  north 


..lovely fuchsia's above there...I do enjoy looking at these...I wonder if anyone else has any to show's one of mine... 'Voodoo'... I think it must have some of the largest flowers of any type..



Heres a few more of mine. top to bottom Deep purple,Pink Marshmallow,Dark Eyes,Dancing Flame.





some varieties here I've never seen before - gorgeous!

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