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I'm digging over an area which will become a lawn - I hope! It will be bare all winter so I thought of sowing a green manure. The ground is mainly heavy compacted clay/gravel which has been uncultivated in any way and although I will be adding compost etc as well,  I thought it would benefit from it. I can get loads of manure to lay on top but it would save me a lot of physical effort - I'm worn out! 

It would also save me from having to net or cover it to prevent the area becoming a sea of weeds and a giant cat litter tray 

Has anyone used them successfully?


I have never tried that Fg, but it sounds a really good ides. It should keep the weeds down, and then give a nice nutritious base for the lawn.


Thanks doc. I just thought it would be easier than lugging bags of manure home! Had a quick look online and for this time of year it seems 'field beans' would be the one to go for. It would be a little more attractive to look at than a load of netting too. 

Hi - I wanted to keep a raised bed free of weeds over the winter so I bought one 50g packet of Winter Mix green manure seeds from Sow Seeds and they're great!  The foliage is about a foot high and very healthy, not a single weed spotted. I plan to leave it there all winter then chop it down, leave it to wilt and fork it in in Spring, ready for planting. This is my first year using it and it seems so far like a great idea  


Thanks Tanty. I don't know why I didn't think of it before! I think it may be slow to get going by the time I sow, so I may have to net for a bit, but I think the benefit to the ground will be worth it anyway. 

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