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Hi all, at what kind of temperatures should I start leaving my greenhouse open at night?

Does anyone have a set routine with this?

Orchid Lady
Oh, I'd not thought about leaving it open?? I would have thought mice would get in and demolish my plants? Mine is not getting above 10c-12c at night though at the moment so I would say it's too cold anyway......would be interested to see advice / opinions from others

It's a bit early yet Matt the nights can still be quite cold.

I don't heat my small greenhouse all ,but don't leave it open 24 hrs until it's much warmer...that's in the NE. Mine will have succulents such as echeverias regal pelargoniums and coleus on staging.


I leave mine open at night  as soon as temps are in double figures. But I suppose it depends what you are using it for. My plantlets had to harden off anyway.


this time of year is both lovely but hard work, I seem to spend a high proportion of my gardening time moving pots in and out and round and about! 

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