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I grow a couple of acteas......but they do not,produce enough flower spikes for me. Anyone growing these and getting loads of,flower spikes? If so, advice appreciated please. I provide good rich soil, shade and moisture and recommended varieties. Right now I have 4 or 5 spikes on one and 3 on another
Exit thump.this blasted iPad keeps changing my words. I'm asking about cimicifugas
Should have been ecky thump. Think I'll start posting on my desktop!!

I grow these too. My eldest plant always has, until this year & the 'b' slugs, had more flower spikes than a younger plant, so perhaps age of plant/size of clump is a reason? J.

Ok jo4eyes, thanks for that. Patience then I guess but that's hard for me. I grow brunette and pink spike. What is your favourite variety?


Comicifugas sounds much more fun, will google to see what the plant is like as I have not heard of it. My garden has been over run with slugs and snails this season so I guess any plant with spires will be devoured in bud.


Have just looked, reminds me, a litle, of the ligularia that I have.


My Cimifuga hasn't flowered at all this year I will put it down to the weather

Pam LL x



WEnt to Harlow Carr last week and took this hoto as Actea/Cimifuga is on my wish list. The plants did not seem to have large clumps of flwers but there were a lot of plants. 

Went to their garden centre as thought they would have some but alas no

Photo not Brill but gives an idea.



Christopher, not sure of the varieties of mine.They are great plants for the Autumn- no staking needed! Try smelling them too.

The burgundy leaved one is the youngest. It may be in a slightly too dry a spot, but shall keep a watch & ensure well mulched. Can always move it if it continues to struggle a bit. The big original one I definitely moved when the adjacent trees encroached & dried things out.

That shot from Harlow Carr really shows what can be done when you have space & several plants.

Am sure I got both of mine from RHS shows as small plants. So anybody going to Malvern this next week may find them. Otherwise I know that they have been spotted at Tatton. More a decent herbaceous plant nursery type of plant rather than GC, although have seen them at one near us- at a price! RHS gardens too may have them. J.

Thanks to Christopher2 for mentioning Actea/cimifuga and Bjay for photo at harlow carr. Cimifuga now on my wishlist.

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