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About June time probably

Again it is all about timing and conditions-I think come the Summer you will be chuffed by your results.

How did you get on with the drain cover?

I have pink Lillys in the garden, but I want to put them in a pot so I can move them around the garden when not in bloom . Can I do this without killing them. Ta Debra


Do it now whilst they are dormant-if you can find them

Or leave it till after flowering and they died back later in the year

Thank you Geoff, I can find them because I left the stems on the plant when they died back.Thanks so much Debra


Debra, when you dig them up, if any scales break off from the main bulbs, seal them in a plastic bag with some damp compost and keep in a warm, dark place.  With luck, they'll produce little bulbs after a few weeks (check them fortnightly) which you can grow into new plants.  It takes a few years  before they'll grow big enough to flower though, so this tip is only for the patient type!


Thank you Bob I will try that.Its so nice to talk to people who know what they are talking about ,great tips!   Ta Debra

Looking at these posts I would just like to say how kind and helpful everyone is!

David 25

Hi all, I have been out to check on the lillies today. The soil was frozen from all the cold weather we have had. There doesnt appear to be anything growing that i can see. is it still early days?


Yes, it's still early days - particularly with the cold temperatures we've had - nothing to make the bulbs feel that spring is here - they'll be peeking up through the compost when the weather warms up 

Gary Hobson

If people have pots of established lilies, then it's not too early to see visible growth. I've just taken these two snaps, this morning...

This is a pot of established lilies which have overwintered in a cold greenhouse...

The pot just below is outside, and has been outside all Winter...

The slim shoots may be coming from bulblets not far beneath the surface.

If people have lilies growing in open soil then you need to be aware that the plants are awake, and any slugs that are about will be making a meal of those little shoots, if you're not careful.

I'm in Warwickshire. I would guess that things are more advanced in some other areas.


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