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Here are some pics of the mystery tree.. any idea's? We found it towards the end of last summer after clearing out loads of overgrown bushes all around it, so cant imagine it has had much light before we discovered it,



  Try to ignore all the ivy growing behind it, trying to make the photo's like a magic eye . Hopefully this little fella can have a whole new life now that it is free of the surrounding overgrowth!


My guess is a Chaenomeles japonica, with a bit of sunshine you might get some blossoms in the early spring, then you'll know for sure 

Lion S

It's a Cotoneaster. Not sure which variety though, I think it's C.dammeri.


If it's got vicious thorns, then yes a Chaenomeles.

But it also looks like a Caenothus, but that would be downright miserable in overgrown shade. J.

That's one of the things that suprised me, was that it was so healthy looking when we unvailed it from the many tree's and bushes around it!

Keep the suggestions coming and I'll Google image the answers to try and shed some light on what it is!



I thought it may be cotoneaster - resillient things, then I thought pyracantha but not evergreen and has thorns, Does it have thorns?  so then I thought chaenomeles, some are semi- evergreen, but if it has been choked may not have flowers this year.

A lot of maybe really 


The shoot tips and some of the leaves do look very like one of the cotoneasters. Has it been cut back and regrown on that little trunk? 


My first thought was an azalea.  Look to see whether there are any thorns.


I'd wondered about a ceanothus too, but I looked carefully  at the white one at work - the leaves are not the same texture, and seem slightly toothed whereas these are not toothed.

I would agree with the Dove, Japonica quince,
chilli lover

My first thought was 'ornamental quince' too, as mine was called. Bought it in Woolies as a twig and it soon outgrew its allotted space. Did produce lots of lovely red flowers and inedible fruit. Last year went to plant heaven as I really couldn't find anywhere suitable to plant it on


If it was a quince the fruit was edible- but has to be cooked long and slow - wonderful around a pot-roasted pheasant 


My 2 Japonica quinces have a far more sprawling habit, not upright like this one.



The leaves do look like it could be a Japonica Quince.. I'll try take some more piccies today or tomorrow of the branches. Don't think there are any thorns or anything on them though (if that helps!).

Lion S

This is a photo of Cotoneaster dammeri  'Coral Beauty'. Flowers in May, is evergreen up to -25 C and is normally used as a groundcover. Can grow up to 2 ft.

I really think this is the one you are looking for.


That does look very similar. Here are some more piccies to assist





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