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I have a few cuttings of this plant which I have no idea what it is called. It appears to be evergreen. the stems are red/orange and spongy. When the stem is cut it oozes white sticky sap. No idea of flowers as it is from a friends front garden in open sunny position.



Thank you Kate1123.

I have checked up on more details of this plant.  I shall pass the name onto my friend. They will be delighted to know its name at last.

Oh and be careful ....the sap is highly caustic. It will burn, irritate and persist. Avoid contact with eyes

Thank you Christopher2 for the safety info.


Euphorbia Mellifera or Honey Spurge...there is an enormous one growing in the Gardens of Heligan, in a little courtyard garden. When it's in flower it has the most fantastic honey smell and bees absolutely adore it. I have one on the corner of my garden, after searching for it for ages, and it can be a bit of a thug! All I'd ever read about it was that it was a little tender....NOT in my garden in has to be chopped back regularly! Roots easily from pieces pulled from the base, or layered. Seems like it needs a corner where it can do its own thing, to flower at its best. Be careful though, like all spurges/euphorbia, it has a milky sap than can cause irritation. Wouldn't be without my lovable thug though!

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