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Hi I have just split my Gunnera manicata and planted the three off shoots.

But today I was told to plant them close together  so they would support each other say a foot apart but I think this is too close together

What do you all think?


Any one have some advice PLease

Gunnera grows huge so I would have thought it best to keep the plants quite far apart, like rhubarb.

I have grown gunnera in this , and my previous garden and have never found it to need support. Give them room to grow, at least 2 - 3 metres apart I'd say.

I grow Gunnera.In good conditions they are huge, I agree with Hosta fan at least 3 meters apart.


Thank you everyone

Is it still safe to move one of them now after it has been move twice already in the past month. Due to bad advice.

The main Gunnera was split and replanted and the other 2 plants were  planted then a week later replanted and now  the leaves forming on all three so would it be safe to move one of them again this year or wait until next year?


They won't have settled in so I would move them now.

Thank you everyone now replanted and watered.



our pleasure pash2.


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