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Hi Keen1, hope you enjoy the forum.


Hi Keen- just read this thread. Don't listen to Verdun - he's just jealous of my wings...

I was 27 before anyone else too- but I'm still younger because fairy years are different....

Lots of great people on here and tons of expert knowledge available from them - not just about gardens and plants as you will soon find out...cake's a strong topic!

Hi all. Will try again but be more brief - is there a limit?.I said thanks for all the kind comments and explained a little about my plant favourites and combinations etc. Foliage is the main thing with me, colour, shape, height, contrast etc.and packing them all together as someone said into a picture. I mentioned two gardeners, the late Mrs Margery Fish and her wonderful garden at East lambrook Manor in Somerset ( may I suggest looking it up on PC). The other is Mrs Beth Chatto and her beautiful garden near Colchester. Both have written several very interesting and informative books. I have  after my early days and once the bug had really bitten followed their style and the plants they grew/grow - to a much lesser degree of skill of course but very pleased with the results nontheless. Ref (Salino ) the shrubs I grow  pse see next post.



Hello Keen1, I'm the sensible one here as you'll no doubt observe  and I'm only 26 & 1/2  ish.

Hi.  Ref Fairygirl thought I had better say I do believe in fairies - sometimes see them at the bottom of my garden - usually after a few Guinnesses, if you happen to turn up give me a wave and have a drink with me.  Ref shrubs and Salinos question -  although main interest is HHP I have always grown a few for height and a framework to the garden and to provide  screens to walk round (create corners) to avoid the "seeing it all at once" thingy. Mostly of the "usual" type  such as Forsythis, Weigela including Florida variegata, Deutzia, Hypericum ( Hidcote), Buddleia ( 4 especially for the Butterflies and Bees etc), old single Roses, a few Rhodos, an Osmanthus and these found growing here when we moved in two most beautiful mature specimens of Viburnum tomentosum plicatum - a picture when in flower with their  horizontal branches absolutely weighed down with flowers. There is some others whose names escape me right here, one with very nice yellow foliage.



Keen 1,... I note you've been to East Lambrook Manor - I went there once and enjoyed it very much, if it's the same one I'm thinking of, I get them mixed up sometimes... there was this gorgeous potager area I admired too...

I had a book by Beth Chatto - I gave it away, but enjoyed it very much... she developed the 'dried up river bed' look for her acreage there in Essex and I've tried that a little where I am, in a very small way.... some of her plant choices I like and other's I don't, but that's what gardening is about, personal preferences...isn't it..?

I'd like to know what old single roses you grow.. if you have the names... if not then no  problem... I don't have Forsythia or Weigela, quite like Deutzia and the Viburnum family... perhaps you'll show us all a photo or two, in due course.... we can run our critical eyes over them...

Hi. Ref my garden. We live right alongside a mixed Woods of Pine, Oak, Ash, Beech, Robinia , others and also a lovely  50ft Larch. Between that and my garden there is a strip of land I am allowed to use as garden and this I have attempted to make as "woodsy" as poss with a framework of shrubs round the outside and Fruit tree down the centre with beds around. Did attempt to plant these up with suitable plants including Hostas but Deer jumping the fence ate the lot - now only the Shrubs, certain variegated Grasses,  some clumps of culinary Rhubarb and theTrees remain but still looks good.The garden (plot) proper is roughly 80/90 feet square. When we moved in the front was dreadful with the many many Moles hereabout using it as a hunting ground - nothing would stop them. This also applied to that area at the back nearest to the woods so  both were cleared, sheeted over and 3 inch layer of threequarter shingle over all - this has stopped it but it only leaves the other third immediately behind the bungalow for plant cultivation - this has some grass, a border round ( mostly shaded), a Pond, raised bed for Alpines and a largeish square area for planting.


Hi Salino. Thanks for that. As I said I am a great follower of Margery Fish, her plants and books and that garden at East lambrook Manor -  it probably was the one you visited - its very famous as is she. The single Roses I have no names for and I did in fact grow them from seeds from  Haw collected when seeing them growing about in garden hedges etc., a white, wine coloured and a deep red - they are really nothing more than Briars I suppose but the flowers are large, lovely and that perfume knocks you over. Ref Mrs Chattos garden the "Dry Garden" is only a part of it at the front, just gravel and plants left to get on with it. Her main garden at the back has three smallish, longish lakes down its centre with the land sweeping up from them into wide borders of many choice plants and woods etc. Over to one side is a terraced area with again dry land plants growing in variety. All very lush and green - a super garden over all. Pse see next comment re photos.

Hi Salino. I must stop or will be getting told off. Ref sending photos I am a very interested photographer ( Plants, Birtds and wildlife mainly). The snag is I am not all that clever with PC's and find this resizing of pics befor sending beyond me. On my old XP I had a good resizer but Win 7 has none so far as I can find out/see. If someone can put me right I would be very pleased to share as indeed I look forward to seeing those of others.  I use Picasa mainly and can send them to individuals from there but do not know if I could send from there to the site. Also they are in Windows Libraruies but are always miles oversize if sent direct from there.


I've got a programme called 'Paint' which is very simple (like me) it resizes and crops in a very straightforward way.

Hi. Thanks. I have tried Paint and did succeed for a while to resize them but as I said I am a duffer at this PC'ing and lost the plot somewhere. I will try and send a pic and see where I go. Thanks again.


Hi keen1 i'm new too! 

Hi. Well two newies together then - welcome to you also. What is your main interest in the gardening world - type and plants etc.

Hi. Ref sending pics to the site - how please - can see no reference - a procedure to follow would be appreciated. Thanks.


My main interest?....Gosh how do I answer that. I want to garden the world! I am an addict when it comes to plants. I can never learn enough. I garden for a living so my passion is my work. I love to take on a new garden and make it work be it tiny back terrace garden or plonked in the middle of the countryside garden. I try to plant with the site in mind. If its semi wild keep it that way just add more interest. I never try to force a plant to grow where it doesn't want to be. Nature knows best and I go with her. I also share the love lol. Can never throw a plant away. My gardens are so varied that what doesn't work or is not wanted in one garden will flourish and be loved in another.




H. Really an addict then -  but aren't we all really. So you garden professionally then for a living. That does give you a heck of lot of scope because presumably as much as anything it has go to be along the lines requested by clients - of course using your own ideas as well with their agreement. Have fun and a good choice  think.

Hi Keen 1 and addict, Hope you enjoy the forum, but I must say  when do we find time to actually garden as we seem to spend a lot of time nattering on about this and that. Me included,.  The sun is shining and here I am typing away when I should be out catching up on all the jobs 2 weeks  of 18 inches of snow put paid to in March.  Am going.. Have gone.


Hi. Thanks again. Agree with what you say but we fit it all in somehow do we not. Always so nice to talk about it  as well as tend and grow it all. Quite apart from the sheer pleasure of doing all this there is always that little bit of self pride involved when we stand back and think "I did that"- and so worth while.


...such enthusiastic gardeners here, how wonderful..

Keen 1, thanks for your replies...get back to those shortly... I use Picasa too as well as resizing on 'paint'... if Picasa is easier for you then perhaps you can follow this...

go into Picasa and click on 'Web Albums' [top right hand corner] you must open a Google account for this, it's easy and nothing to worry about... make sure your album that you have your photos in is 'public' or 'anyone with the link'...

double click on a photo you want us to see

on the right you will see Tags - link to this photo - click once on this

tick box - image only [no link]

select size - large

then on 'Embed Image' left click once to highlight it, then right click to 'copy'

come back to this forum and in this reply box click on green  'tree' icon above [3rd from right]

select 'an external site'

put cursor in URL and right click then 'paste'

click on 'Insert' - your photo should appear like mine below.. get used to it Mr Keen.... trial, error, and perseverance... much like a bit of gardening....


..oh and thanks for the info re Mrs Chatto's garden, I've not been there obviously... lots of great gardens all around us... I also enjoy plant photography, I try to take photos of most of my plants when they look their best, and sometimes when they don't... in case things need to be know...?..     talk again soon... bi for now...