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Hey ignore Fairygirl.   She truly believes she has magic powers...we just humour her

Addict, love your philosophy and your obvious passion for growing.  I guess I share that,passion too but have likes and dislikes and DO throw plants away that I dont like. Grow most things except,roses.  Not good area for them down here. ...if I can't grow things well I discard them

A lot of keen gardeners here 


Hi Verdun  Have to say the only plant I really won't tolerate...apart from the obvious like monbretia. Can't stand it and replace it as soon as possible but having several "large in the middle of nowhere full of rabbit and deer" gardens any kind of flower is a blessing! I let things like comfrey mint and lemon balm fight it out. plant honesty and sweet rocket, wild mallow. All thugs that I wouldn't ever use in my own garden.

Where are you that roses don't grow well? Tried to look at profiles earlier and computer said no! 

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi, good thread... I've been outside and have just hung up my coat and I am  less than 26 as well, except that I am also numerically dyslexsic.

Hiya addict.  I think there's a problem with the forum displaying profiles.  Can't get anyone's at moment.  Being sorted think.

Im in Cornwall, not far from the coast in st Ives bay.  The air apparently is too clean for roses and black spot, rusts, etc. form very easily,on most roses here.  I have grown a number that are supposed to be disease resistant but they never truly are.  The flowers are wonderful but the foliage is vicious, shapeless and, in winter, look awful. (think that will cause a stir!)

Agree montbretia should never be in a garden.  Down here it is a weed everywhere.  I grow crocosmia lucifer which is still a bit of a thug but doesn't seed just encroaches.  Fantastic colour though and I split it every year to control it.


Soz nothing to do with subject, but Verdon we had our honeymoon in St. Ives 32 yrs ago..oops  can't be right I'm 26 & 1/2. Still got a pencil sketch that a  local harbour artist drew of me..very nice, lovely in fact..but his guide dog had the afternoon off.



those artists still exist.  Nice memories then?

Oh yes!  The Maths dont add up, do they?  Ok,,your secret is out but who cares!  Lol


A cornishman/woman! Still don't know can't check profile lol. Mums down there in Looe. Have you tried climbers? She seems to have managed ok with seagull...rambler rather than climber? I too love crocosmia lucifer and spread that round. Like all the others too Dove just not the horrid orange thingy lol. Bunnies don't eat it and deer not keen.


Oops yes I do you said plantsman  


Welcome addict


...just to give a different verdict here, roses will grow perfectly well in Cornwall...'s a bit of an old wives tale/myth that they don't.... in fact because of the mild climate rare Tea roses, tender elsewhere, can be exceptional... along with so many others... I grew one of the rarest tea roses in the world in Cornwall, called 'Marie Nabonnand' and it thrived - 5 foot tall in 2 years...

''The Cornish Rose Company is 5 years old and came into being because Pocock’s Roses was sending more roses to Cornwall than any other county in the UK. This was a surprise as people were always saying ‘you can’t grow roses in Cornwall’! We presumed that either the roses were dying and being replaced or customers were successfully growing roses. After some market research, we decided that there was a need for a ‘proper’ rose nursery in Cornwall (one that grows from start to finish, not just buying in roses and potting them up). Following the purchase of some very weedy land and a lot of hard work, The Cornish Rose Company took root!

Our aim in Cornwall is to grow good, healthy varieties that will withstand Cornwall’s damp climate and give satisfaction in the garden with normal cultivation - i.e. Feeding and pruning but little or no spraying against fungal diseases''.

if anyone is interested in roses, and they want to see how they are grown right from the budding stage, there is an interesting 15 minute video to be found on their website.... if you have the time...

Hi Salino. Thanks for the gen on the uploading of pics from Picasa -  have made a note of your comments and will give it a go. I did actually yesterday go to "Help" and they give there 3 choices - if uploading from PC it says pics are automatically resized (though as a PC duffer I could well have misread it). I did get a pic to appear in the Topic though it was well oversized but that was before I had actually "Sent" it  - perhaps it is whilst sending the resizing takes place- maybe you would kindly read and let me know. Thanks again and look forward to some natters both plants and also about our cameras..

Hi. Ref Montbretia. Likewise I find the common orange one a bit of a pain at times but theres now other colours. Over the years I have grown all manner of plants avidly and a goodly number of these were found in the small ads in the gardening magazines - just a simply 2 liner - " Herbaceous perennials for sale- send for lists".  Found some grand plants that way, they were either small growers or private ones selling off spare stock etc. I did of course also buy from the bigger gardens including Mrs Fish and Mrs Chatto's ( still do from hers.) and nurseries/garden centres. Amongst these small ads I found a very pale yellow Montbretia which they referred to as "Honey Angels" and it was a gem - i am going way back here to the 60's or 70's. I also found the then known as Antholiza Paniculata ( Aunt Eliza) and still have this growing in the garden today - increases somewhat but easily controlled. Not in the same league as the modern Crocosmias for colour and brightness but a nice red and makes a wonderful foliage contrast plant it something tall and swordlike is needed.

Hi. Just for intgerest  few of the plant friends I have - others will grow these and  comments welcome. These are amongst the less well known (generally) types. Amsonia, Dictamnus, Filipendula  (ulmaria and hexapetala + plena), Reineckia, Lysimachia (thinking clethroides here but others), Ligularia, Scopolia, Aruncus, Peltiphyllum, Dicentras (well known/loved but had to mention them), Alchemillas( mollis + conjuncta), Rodgersias plus Ferns in a few varietie. More later if interesting.  Two novelty plants I found quite recently are  a yellow foliaged Acanthus mollis and also a Tradescantia - really vivid this with the bright ( in sun) yellow foliage and the lovely ( to me anyway) blue flowers.

Hi  A


ttempt at pic.


Will try another or two. Then I suppose they should go into an album?.



Lovely.  My type of garden too.

I love yellow foliage .....but, so far at least, have resisted the yellow tradescantia.  For me its too harsh..I considered it for foliage alone without flowers. Do you rate it as a foliage plant?   I have a variegated hemerocallis ....Name escapes me for moment........ with orange flowers.  It's the foliage though that's really striking.  For me here it's evergreen.  It stands near elymus magellanicus and berberis atro nana and soon frikartii monch will flower.  

Clearly you like to associate plants I do....and you do it brilliantly Keen.  I have over the years gathered some lovely plants but the issue for me is where to put them in association with my existing planting.  my current passion is agastaches coming into flower.....and will try to convince the forum to grow them.  


Looks lovely and lush Keen and the hostas so healthy. Beautifully designed too! Now gonna look up Reineckia...not heard of it. 

Hi addict - all.. Thank you but I have been getting "Keener" and "Keener" for 56 yrs. I am sure that your creations are just as well thought out and look every bit as good.Ref the Tradescantias  I love them for their long flowering season and in the case of the yellow foliaged one the contrast between flowers and foliage is really striking. . I have associated it (its nearest neighbours in the overall) with a green and a green/whiteHosta, Fennel, Dicentrra,  Astrantia and Alchemilla (another plant I love to bits). Speaking of the Hemerocallis I also at my last address grew the variegated one but this should interest you I have also ( cannot be absolutely sure of this name)  a semi double flowered one with the "standard" coloured flowers - I know it as Kwanso Flore Plena. Another great favourite with me is the True Geranium family, I have lots. I have learned what I have learned due to much trial and error but also due to my love of the "real" cottage garden plants and the gardens they grew in. If plants histories/fables etc are of interest may I suggest a good book to you . Its getting on a bit now but can still be bought on Amazon/ebay etc. Title is "Flowers and Their Histories" and author is Alice M. Coats, recommended as a good read and a very useful reference book. The aim really for me is to achieve "an orderly disorderliness" overall.. Regards.

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